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Ice fishing Alexander Lake

We live in a beautiful place, full of wonder wherever you look.  With long winters and summers too short, we need to occupy ourselves during those long winter months.

I've been sewing craft items for about 50 years. (YIKES!) It started out when I tried to create a Christmas soccer sock for my daughter when she was in high school - it was pretty rough, but it has evolved over the years. We were searching for ways to create them more efficiently and started to investigate laser etching/engraving machines. We found it would cut out the images we needed for the socks - and SO much more.    

I also like working with birch bark, so we thought maybe we could make something out of birch. Turns out working with wood is pretty fun!  So we started gathering fallen trees from the woods around our shop. My husband does all the cutting, drying, sanding, and I work on the etching designs. 

We'll be adding more products in various mediums soon - stay tuned!